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BE STRONG PHELCER :icondovahkiinhu3br:DovahkiinHU3BR 2 0
XPS to Blender 2.7x(Blender internal the easy way)
Things we are gonna need are
Blender 2.7x tools addon for Blender (Blender 2.7x XPS Tools 1.1 made by yours truly OMG MOAR POEMS!)A Model for XPS/XNALara (Binary or ASCII)
For Mac Users
Safari automatically unzips downloaded files and deletes the original ZIP file. 
Try disabling this function (I don't know how, I never used a Mac) or download using another browser like Firefox.
UPDATE: Here is avideo showing the install process. Thanks a lot!
Install Xps addon to blender
First thing we have to do is to installing the addon.
Go to the provided link and download the latest version of the addon. DO NOT UNZIP IT.
Open Blender and go to File > User Preferences
Select the Addons tab and cl
:iconjohnzero7:johnzero7 305 210
dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
:iconsweetduke:SweetDuke 15,252 2,690
XNALara to 3DS Max [Advanced Character Rendering] :iconlonewolf117:LoneWolf117 363 227 XNALara/XPS Render Groups :iconjunkymana:junkymana 58 41
XPS 11.6 - Outline Edition
Lovely image done by BarbDBarb :hug:
XnaPosingStudio  (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program for MS Windows, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. The program is free of any charge along with thousands of user provided Content available.
How to download and how to install (updated):
Hello dear watchers,
today we release this new version of XPS for the public! While it has a couple new features i decided to stick with it's Beta name 'Outline Edition'. Check out below what's new!
What's new?
1. New Features
View and Camera Controls:
-> Adjust the background image in 4 different modes
-> Adjust the speed of zoom when using RMB or mouse wheel. Ctrl+RMB/Ctrl+Wheel for 10x speed, Q+RMB/Q+Wheel for 20x speed
-> Shortcut for storing bone positi
:iconxnalaraitalia:XNALARAITALIA 65 104
Dino Pack #1 :iconmullinsthegreat:MullinstheGreat 15 5
XPS 11.5 - Seven Anniversary Edition
Lovely image done by Dusan :hug:
XnaPosingStudio  (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. The program is free of any charge along with thousands of user provided Content available.
How to download and how to install (updated):
Hello dear watchers,
as of today XNALara is 7 years old! Yes it has been around for that much time already! It has surely come a long way since it's original release on the 20th February 2009.
For more info on its origin check out the original thread here. Most of XPS development after the XNALara time can be read about in this groups journals.
This new version fixes a couple of bugs and has nice ne
:iconxnalaraitalia:XNALARAITALIA 66 123


Hello again, ladies and gentlemen. How've you been?

Let me apologize (again) for all my disappearences and such. I feel constant guilt about not be able to do what I came here to do. Sad dummy 
You're damn good bunch of nicest people and you deserve better.

While you guys are doing your best to support me (and I appreciate it), I've always been moody. And now it's worse than ever. 

I have big troubles with sleep and I've been taking sleeping pills... a lot of them.. which is not exactly compatible with my treatment.
But I have to deal with those nightmares somehow. I've seen my lionshare of nightmares in my life, but never so many of them in one night.
And when I wake up, they keep haunting me.  
I'm such a mess. I think I've fainted. 

And my physical trauma still causes me pain, when it shouldn't, and it needs to be looked at.
Painkillers aren't really helping and I'm not allowed to take so many of them outside the treatment schedule.

My parents say I look like a zombie. Perhaps they're right.
So they decided to take me to sanitarium for 2-3 weeks. You know, fresh air, sun, constant medical attention... 
I'm departing tomorrow.

I'm sorry to leave you behind once more. 
Um I just don't want you to think like I don't care.  
I don't know if I'll be able to keep in touch during my time there, but, again, thank you for your support.  It's one of few good things I have right now.

Take care, see you soon.
Hi, guys.

I'm feeling better. Thanks to your support and caring words. Hug  You have no idea how much I appreciate all of this. 
I'm still reading all the comments and notes, and they make me smile. You're the best, guys. 

I've spent last two days visiting doctors and close friends. 
The psychiatrist said I am sane. Which is good...right?
Also my left arm is now free from... cast? plaster?  What do you call it? Confused 
But I still gotta be careful with my movements. My blood pressure isn't stable enough, causing severe headaches and weakness. Almost fainted just because I stood up too quickly.

We also paid respects to my deceased friends. As my mother likes to say, they're sleeping now. Sweet dreams.
Oh I missed my family. 

Despite all the pain and mood swings, I'm trying not to think about it. You guys actually made me feel a bit better and I felt the urge to talk to you.
So, let's chat a little, shall we?

Could you possibly tell me what was your summer like? How did you spend it? What was your impression?

Maybe you have some nice songs and you don't mind sharing them? Meow :3   

What new things have this summer brought, anyway?  What's new in the world? I totally missed it all.
Hi everyone.

I've finally found my way to the DeviantArt. After everything that's happened.

I received a lot, A LOT of messages from people who found me on other forums or even got my e-mail address. Some of mails were concerned, some were cheering, some were annoyed. I understand it all perfectly. 

It's easier to run from things, but I guess it's time for me to return with the explanation. I do this with a heavy heart and poor english, but I'll try.

Some of you may already know that I've ran into very, very bad accident.  Well, rather to say, the accident ran into me. Or even drove its way.

The car crash.

Me and my two friends were on our weekend trip when the drunk driver on the jeep came out of nowhere and literally slammed us into a wall.  My friend, who was driving our car, had no time to react. He died instantly there. Other one has passed away later in the hospital without regaining consciousness.  

I should have died that day too. I wished I did. But I didn't.

My heavy injuries and broken body left me partially disabled. Broken ribs,, burned lungs, shattered bones, concussion, blood loss, and much more. Everything hurts. Even the parts of me that I did know existed. But worst of all was something you'd call survivor's guilt.  Which caused deep depression.  We weren't such close friends, just met on various occasions, but... still... why?  It haunts me every day. I find no motivation to wake up every morning or to do something. I refused to eat, couldn't sleep.  Pathetic. They say I was lucky to survive. Whatever.

I've spent almost the whole summer in the hospitals in other town not seeing friends or family. Just me in the gypsum cocoon, alone with my thoughts, and the doctors with their syringes and beeping devices and drop counters. I had a few surgeries, tons of various procedures, injections and stuff like that. Sometimes someone would bring me a phone with the internet. Though wi-fi was strictly filtered. Even DA was blocked. So I did read some news, some e-mails.. Most of them were left unaswered.  I came to the point I was too afraid to open my mailbox, so I just stopped reading.
Only about a week ago I was transferred home for the rest of rehabilitation. I still have to visit doctor daily (or doctor visits me if I'm feeling bad which happens every now and then), but he says I'm recovering quite fast. Hell, I can already walk. Barely. Jumping on one leg with the crutches.  But that's progress. At least my head's working. They say I'll fully recover by the spring. Maybe.

Sorry, I suck at terminology.

Now that you know the story.. guess i'm done with this part. Let's move to the next step.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your Happy Birthday wishes. And notes, and comments, and e-mails, and messages, everything. I was and still am very, VERY surprised and flattered that you guys care. I feel like I didn't deserved any of that. I feel ashamed and afraid I failed you. And yet many of you were kind enough to try and reach me.
I still have a tons of messages and comments to read and answer...  Hell awaits me.
But... Thank you.

Regarding my XNA work...

Now that's the topic I fear to go near.
While I was absent at home, my family members tampered with my PC and it seems I lost some stuff.
It'll take some time to fix things and redownload backups and update my software.. I hope it won't be THAT long, but my slow internet connection sure creates difficulties. Heh.

I should adjust it all in a week or so, and then I'll continue to upload the models.. but I'd like to make a schedule. Like a, one model per day or something.. Maybe even some tutorials cause you guys were asking for it.
Because what I did in the spring was.. rush. Ambitious stupid rush. I was too excited I wanted to do it all in shortest time possible.  I'm not proud of that. Seriosly. I wanted to become part of XNA community so badly I ruined almost everything. I must collect myself and I should be approaching this calmly.

And the final thing I want to say...

I am sorry. For everything.  For failing you. For making so many stupid mistakes. For disappearing for so long. I'm horrible person and I deserved every rotten tomato you want to throw at me. Feel free to do so.

Help me make it up to you.  I'll try to keep in touch as best as I can.

Please let me know in the comments if you have some questions, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, anything. I'll be glad to hear it all.

It's all for now. I've gotta go see the doctor. Cheers.
  • Eating: pills
  • Drinking: water


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
22 / ♀ / ♌ / Rus / UTC+3

Making models for XnaPosingStudio, get the latest version here ->…
I own none of these models. They all belong to their respective owners.

I apologize for my english. I can understand you perfectly, but I have troubles expressing my own thoughts.


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